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Painting is fun and absorbing and, if there is ever a time that we need a little distraction, it is definitely now!  Do you paint already or are you a beginner?  Whatever your skill level, I welcome you to join in with my competition with the winning prize being a year's membership to Supporting All Artists. (SAA)


Follow my online tuition and paint a fabulous robin.  Supporting all Artists will judge the paintings and the winning artist will receive the amazing prize of a year standard membership. This includes a bi-monthly newsletter, access video on demand, exclusive offers and free postage on orders. I love my membership with them and the society is for anyone with a passion for painting and drawing.

To enter - purchase this robin tuition, please click here,  and then email me your robin painting by 20th January 2021.


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Dragonfly Blue.....or more

"Dragonfly Blue" Original Watercolour 37cm x 18cm ©KayeParmenter 2020 The beauty of watercolour, for me, will always be the magic of the movement and blending of the colours on the paper.  Along with this movement, comes an slight unpredictability which gives a lovely feeling of anticipation during the painting process. Choosing to paint dragonflies didn't restrict my palette of paints to blue hues as I reached for warmer pinks, purples, and raw sienna to compliment the blues.  Whichever colours you may choose to use, I'd definitely say never stop experimenting!

Lyme Regis Crabbing

"Lyme Regis Crabbing" Original Watercolour One evening last year I visited Lyme Regis to make sketches, take photos and soak up the atmosphere for inspiration.   It was an amazing evening, not a cloud in the sky and the town was bustling which was absolutely perfect for wandering and just stopping to observe.  I have about 50 or so photos which I have been studying and this first painting was inspired by the children sitting along the harbour side with crab lines dangling over the edge into the water. The low sun facing the building on the Cobb hasn't given me many shadows to play with, but the water was a gorgeous deep blue and the light fell on the stone rim of the wall and sides of the boats.  But of course, my focal point is my small fisherman, leaning precariously over the edge to try and get his catch! ©kayeparmenter 2020

Whiter shade of pale

Private Commissions "Neeko" Centre ©Kaye Parmenter 2020 Commissions Neeko is the latest addition to my commission portfolio.  Although sadly gone but not forgotten, he was a breed called Lhasa apso.  They are considered to be affectionate and great companions.  Along with the other characters in this montage, I had a lovely opportunity to capture his gorgeous furry, hairy face in watercolour.  It's never a problem for me as painting dogs is up there amongst my favourite subjects! As ever, my painting starts with the eyes.  I really look hard to try and capture the personality of my subject and the eyes are the "window' to the soul.  Behind each painting is a character that brings love, laughs and a bond that really is indescribable.  Thank you to everyone who gives me the chance to capture their loved ones in watercolour, it is always truly appreciated x