Monday, 19 September 2011

The Evening Post!


Painted in 2009 as part of a Charity Auction.

I saw a television program today, explaining that spending time on your computer late at night, may stop you sleeping - I'm laughing now as it's late and I shouldn't be here! As this is the only spare time I have, I may have to stay up just a little later before feeling sleepy!

My time recently has been spent with family holidays and birthday celebrations but in amongst the chaos, I was keen to find the time to return to a place dear to me. In 2009, two very special people successfully bid on a pet portrait commission (pictured above) that I had offered to help raise money for their village hall.

At the auction, I was made to feel so welcome and I have since been touched by the support this couple have given by travelling some distance to see all my subsequent exhibitions. I was keen to reciprocate and a couple of weeks ago, inbetween the busy times at home, I took some of my paintings to their local art show, one of which was inspired by our recent holiday to Cornwall. I was honoured to be advised this had been elected "Best in Show".

I feel that there are so many directions that your art journey can take. This road started with a risk - doing something that I wasn't sure about. There's nothing quite like sitting within an audience in an auction where your painting is the next lot!!! I took the risk and the rewards have been to meet some wonderful people - a great experience.

Thank you so much!!

Tulip Time - National Trust