Sunday 27 February 2011

Old Boot

It's been such a busy but happy few weeks. I was smiling today, thinking of my last watercolour workshop. We warmed up with washes graded and flat, colour with pansies and tone with pears, but a few faces looked concerned as we built up and moved towards painting the old boot. Far from the freedom we'd experienced with the pansies and pears, the boot looks quite intricate and fiddly. I was delighted to see that everyone thoroughly enjoyed painting this and it wasn't as hard as they rewarding! We had some fabulous old boots!

The day was filled with lots of little exercises building towards painting a beach scene, but time got the better of us, and we had to stop short of finishing this, but everyone was keen to carry on painting when they got home.
Thanks to a wonderful group for making a wonderful workshop!

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Busy days.......

I can't believe how quickly time is marching on. From arranging for my first children's book to be published earlier this year to arranging a small exhibition with snowdrops and spring flowers, I would have liked the time to slow down, not fly past even faster.

Painting wise, I'm very busy as usual, but here is a little something to make you smile:

A couple of years ago, I visited St Margarets Hospice in Yeovil and was fortunate to be introduced to Patrick. He is a gorgeous black cat who, one day, casually wandered in and quite literally "made himself at home". He is now a valuable and much loved member of the team. I photographed him and painted a portrait in watercolour.

His portrait sits on the wall in the entrance to the hospice and he can saunter past and admire himself on a daily basis. He is now reproduced on greetings cards and is a fundraiser for the charity!

Sunday 13 February 2011

Snowdrops and Hellebores

I'm enjoying painting snowdrops and hellebores at the moment. There is something magical about seeing these wonderful flowers, they are both so delicate - strange to think they appear at such a harsh time of year.

The sun was shining on Saturday morning and the flowers at East Lambrook Manor Gardens looked fabulous, I have so much material to carry on painting tomorrow and I can't wait!

Tulip Time - National Trust