Friday, 11 December 2015

Jack Hobbs

original watercolour art jack hobbs godolphin

Jack Hobbs
 original watercolour (and mixed media)

The race is on to complete commissions, organise framing and deliver before Christmas.  This particular commission was for a person with a very keen interest in horse racing, particularly the Godolphin Team and Jack Hobbs.
I have created a number of “work-up” sketches and used different materials to try and get a heavy tonal depth to to piece whilst retaining the motion.  I have even ordered a new watercolour pigment…those who know me well will be smiling now!
Godolphin is inspiring.  It is the global thoroughbred horse racing stable founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.
As a boy, captivated by the power and grace of horses, His Highness  rode bareback races on the sands of Jumeirah Beach and today the passion for racing in Dubai is as strong as ever. Team Godolphin now span across four continents Dubai to Europe, Australia and America.
I have loved painting this, thank you for looking and following my blog.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Game On

original watercolour paintings of rackets and real tennis at Queens Club London

It has been a massive honour to have painted so many talented sports people in my time exhibiting at the Queens Club.
It is exactly a year ago that I presented prizes of a commissioned painting to each of the winners in the schoolboys rackets tournament and I will be following progress to see the results this year.   The tournament is underway today.
Many of the players shown within this selection of paintings have been tournament winners this year and I offer my congratulations to each for their dedication to their sport which brings them to the top of their game.
I had a truly wonderful trip to London a couple of weeks ago.  Amongst other things, my visit to the Queens Club involved presenting one of my paintings to a player and his reaction is one of the reasons I keep painting, it’s very rewarding.
And last but not least, I must give huge credit to the wonderful photographer, Tim Edwards.  He provides me with the most amazing photos and inspiration to produce the paintings, thank you Tim.  

Monday, 30 November 2015

Happy Anniversary!

mixed media on canvas view from the Shard

In February 2016, the Shard will have been open for 3 years.  I wonder how many people have enjoyed the iconic view of London with a glass of champagne?

My contemporary piece, "Room with a View" is a work-in-progress, mixed media celebration of this amazing building and I am aiming to finish the piece by February next year.

I recently read an statement from an Artist who explained that he  continues to add detail, then overpaint and then return to adding to a painting...until he is satisfied that he has, in effect,  "got it right".

When painting with watercolour, I generally can't alter a piece of art in this way.  However "Room with a View" has been created with different mediums.  So far I have used a mixture of chalk, acrylic and oil and with the flexibility of these mediums, this painting is giving me a fabulous   opportunity to explore by adding and changing detail as I progress.

I will share the finished painting, hopefully just before February 2016, and then maybe return to the Shard to celebrate ;-)

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A gesture....

watercolour painting diesel German shepherd France

Emotion makes me paint.  I have been incredibly saddened by recent events and felt moved to paint this image of “Diesel”, the German Shepherd recently killed by a bomb blast.  There was a subsequent show of solidarity from the Russian Interior Minsitry who sent a replacement puppy to France to replace Diesel.
The German Shepherd puppy is named Dobryna.  “He was named after a Russian knight, Dobrynya, a symbol of strength, kindness, valour and selfless help,” said Elena Alekseyeva, the spokeswoman for the Russian interior ministry.
My painting of Diesel will accompany me to forthcoming events and shows and thereafter I would love to gift the painting to the handler in France.  I have no idea where to send the painting so, with the powers of the internet,  maybe someone can help me?

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust held a Charity Raising Ball at the Dorchester Hotel a couple of days ago.

They are a leading UK Charity conducting conservation science to enhance the British countryside for public benefit.  They have an amazing website packed full of information, well worth a visit.  Please click here.

A few months ago I was asked if I would donate a prize for the charity auction and we agreed upon a commissioned painting.   I am so pleased to have been able to donate via the auction and the successful bidder will hopefully soon be in contact to discuss the painting.

In the meantime and, inspired by the great work of the charity, I have painted this Red Grouse taking flight.   The beautiful feathers seem to compliment our autumn colours here at the moment and, as ever, I have looked to bring movement and energy to the piece with some vibrant colours and energetic brush strokes.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Brigands Estate Shoot, Bettws Hall

The Brigands Estate, in the Snowdonia National Park Wales,  is part of the Bettws Hall portfolio of of game shooting estates.  It is one of the highest and most sought after driven pheasant shooting estates in the UK.  Here are some of the comments online:

"Guns on pegs"
As you arrive at the Brigands, it soon becomes apparent that the pheasants are going to be high.  The hillsides are better described as mountains and frequently the birds are flushed from bracken, gorse or a cover crop on top of them.  The Brigands are certainly not for the faint-hearted.

"Bettws Hall website"
Testimonial:  “Brigands should be a permanent fixture on any shoot calendar. It offers everything from the awesome surroundings to the spectacular drives – it is the stuff of legends!” David Noon

I was delighted recently to have been invited to take along some art to display at Bettws Hall and it was decided that my collection of paintings would be exhibited together at Bryn Cleifion on the Brigands Estate.  How wonderful!

My drive from Somerset to Bettws Hall was rewarded with a lovely warm  reception from Fleur who quickly made me feel very welcome.   I really do hope that my paintings can be enjoyed by visitors to Bryn Cleifion whilst they attend one of the most amazing shoots in such a spectacular location.  This is so exciting,  hopefully soon I will be able to visit again to deliver more paintings and maybe join a shoot for inspiration.

Friday, 13 November 2015

End of an Era

"RAF Search and Rescue Sea King Helicopter"
Original watercolour 30cm x 15cm
Private Commission
Prints available

The era of the all familiar yellow RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter, built by Augusta Westland, has sadly come to an end.  Amongst the many brave pilots, Prince William served two and a half years as a search and rescue pilot at RAF Valley on Anglesey.  Now the mainland responsibility will fall to a civilian government agency and private contractors.

These cadmium-yellow paraffin parrots might be an analogue-affront in a digital age; a noisy, wappety, kerosene-smelling dipsomaniac machine that’s been deafening crews for more than half a century. But they’re also the thing you pray for when all hope seems lost. On nights when the rain spatters against the windows like gravel, the wind moans like cantankerous wolves and you snuggle under the blankets, the Sea King crews will be out there, rescuing people.

I have seen the search and rescue helicopters flying along our coastline and totally understand what Andrew says - what a relief it must be to see one when all hope seems lost!   In painting them, I enjoy trying to capture the motion - next on the list to paint are an Apache and then a Chinook, both hopefully in the not too distinct future.

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

War Horse

The New London Theatre, Covent Garden, oozes atmosphere.  The auditorium has a bleak and almost trench-like feel with an impression of smoke hanging in the air.  I wondered if the building was tired and in need of some redecoration but now I believe that the effect is deliberate.  And how clever it is on so many levels.

From the very opening scene, you are hooked with the appearance of the most truly amazing "horse" made by the Handspring Puppet Company.  Having now seen this for real, I can't recommend enough that you go and see the show, if you haven't already.  It is not long before you forget thinking of the horses as puppets and you are transformed to a world and era that engages you in a way that leaves you emotionally drained!  The standing ovations at the end for me were a fitting tribute to the amazing talent on stage.

I was inspired!   I have since produced my own tribute to War Horse in the form of a painting.  I have deliberately drawn and created the piece in a slightly ethereal manner and tried to emulate a slightly unkempt appearance - it is how I saw the horses.  As ever with many of my artworks, the eyes are generally the focal point as this is where I see the emotion.

"Lest we forget"  Remembrance Sunday 8th November 2015.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

British Polo Day, Great Britain

British Polo Day Great Britain was, as ever, a spectacular event.  Whilst British Polo Day have hosted subsequent events including China, and are now in Singapore, I have only just updated my website with the GB event – it is hard to keep up with them!
I am thrilled to have been Artist in Residence for three  years and I still have many ideas for new art, exploring images taken at their events around the world.  The photographs that I have previously painted from have been mostly taken by the talented Sam Churchill.
The large, lavish and beautifully decorated marquee erected for the event at the home of the Black Bears Polo Team can accommodate large pieces of art.  Indeed they probably do need to be of a size to be seen and this year I celebrated the event with some large prints as a backdrop to the tables.  Also within the collection were some new pieces exploring a technique to bring a 3d element to the painting.  It was so lovely to chat to guests and the paintings generated lots of interest.
To find out a little more about British Polo Day, the link here will take you to their website.  Please click here 

BPD 2015 1a_wsSo, from the gorgeous flower archway by Harrods to the sumptuous picnic by Cecily Violet, the day was one to remember. It really is hard to imagine how British Polo day could make the day any more enjoyable.  Well done to a team who work tirelessly to host these stunning events around the world.
My art needs to push boundaries and I am always looking to bring a level of action and excitement to my polo pieces.  Whilst I do love and enjoy painting with watercolour, it sometimes feels to me too “soft” a medium to adequately capture the dynamic action.  I am subsequently experimenting with the inclusion of other mediums to achieve the effects that I am seeking.
I thank the BPD team for three great years and guests for viewing and talking to me about my work.
Hope to see you all again very soon.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Flight Action

Original Watercolour
720mm x 560mm
©Kaye Parmenter 2015

This painting marks a part of an artistic project.  To quickly recap, I looked to paint a piece to celebrate the Merlin arriving at RNAS Yeovilton with 846sqn.  I was invited to RAF Benson a few months ago to attend the official handing over ceremony and the highlight of the day for me was a fly-past of a number of helicopters flying in formation.  It provided the inspiration that I needed.

My aim with this painting was to achieve the feeling of impact of the helicopter taking off and flying over head....I was looking to include some effects in the painting to capture the imposing aircraft, yet still retain the loose and ethereal feel to my work.  From the rotor blade in the top left corner on the painting to the dark bottom right foreground, a huge amount of thought went into this piece with regards to composition and technique before I even picked up the brush.

I know that there are a large number of people very fond of this aircraft - from the RAF who have handed it over, to 846sqn who will now be flying it and not forgetting the very people who manufactured the helicopter at Augusta Westland.  The original painting belongs to 846 squadron, however prints will be available soon.

I aim to paint an anniversary piece in a year's keep updated, I would recommend joining my website mailing list.  I send out an update email every 1-2 months.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bee Ready

"Bee Ready!"

To coincide with my latest online tuition video and my tutorial in the SAA paint magazine, I have been painting lots of bees and if you would like to see more, please do visit my website over the next few days.  

I use lots of techniques when painting the bees.  The online video demonstrates a soft wet-in-wet method and splattered masking fluid for pollen.  The above picture is a quick sketch painted using a wet-on-dry style and complimentary colours.  There are so many ways!  

The resource images that I work from are taken on my walks along the country lanes.  Having said this,  I think that the majority of the photos that I work from have been gathered from photos taken before I reach the country lanes.  The bees that I have found to paint have been busy gathering pollen from flowers in the beautiful gardens of my neighbours!  So you may not have to travel too far from home to find inspiration!

I hope you join me in painting this magical little creature that is so very important to us all.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Special moment

Deborah Meaden
Original Watercolour
370mm x 370mm

It was a lovely surprise and akin to a christmas present to find that a Dragon was following me on Twitter on Christmas morning!  

A while ago I painted a watercolour painting of Deborah Meaden and Robin Windsor from Stictly Come Dancing BBC1.   The levels of enthusiasm and commitment to the dancing inspired me to paint.  When Deborah received her painting, she promised to show me the frame that she chose for the piece and here is the photo.  I think it looks lovely.  So great to see the choices that people make to compliment the painting.

Thank you Deborah to making this all so special!

Tulip Time - National Trust