Friday, 27 December 2013



In the usual busy run up to Christmas, I have had little time to update my website with new paintings and I’ve had to keep secret the commissions waiting to be given as gifts.
A while ago, I was presented with a commission to paint the beautiful “Letty” (Lettuce).  In amongst the mass of honey, shiny curls and long lashes, lay the most gorgeous eyes – I couldn’t wait to get started.  I can’t begin to explain the level of concentration and excitement when you begin to see the painting come together, and then knowing when to stop –  a delicate balance.
Letty was framed, floated in a beautiful black frame and then travelled safely to Oman to be given as a gift.  Everyone who knows me, understands how much I love to paint dogs and receiving the photographs of this gorgeous dog felt like a gift to me!  I hope that, in 2014 that there will be many more canine chums to capture……love it!  Thank  you so much for the opportunity!
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