Wednesday 28 October 2015

British Polo Day, Great Britain

British Polo Day Great Britain was, as ever, a spectacular event.  Whilst British Polo Day have hosted subsequent events including China, and are now in Singapore, I have only just updated my website with the GB event – it is hard to keep up with them!
I am thrilled to have been Artist in Residence for three  years and I still have many ideas for new art, exploring images taken at their events around the world.  The photographs that I have previously painted from have been mostly taken by the talented Sam Churchill.
The large, lavish and beautifully decorated marquee erected for the event at the home of the Black Bears Polo Team can accommodate large pieces of art.  Indeed they probably do need to be of a size to be seen and this year I celebrated the event with some large prints as a backdrop to the tables.  Also within the collection were some new pieces exploring a technique to bring a 3d element to the painting.  It was so lovely to chat to guests and the paintings generated lots of interest.
To find out a little more about British Polo Day, the link here will take you to their website.  Please click here 

BPD 2015 1a_wsSo, from the gorgeous flower archway by Harrods to the sumptuous picnic by Cecily Violet, the day was one to remember. It really is hard to imagine how British Polo day could make the day any more enjoyable.  Well done to a team who work tirelessly to host these stunning events around the world.
My art needs to push boundaries and I am always looking to bring a level of action and excitement to my polo pieces.  Whilst I do love and enjoy painting with watercolour, it sometimes feels to me too “soft” a medium to adequately capture the dynamic action.  I am subsequently experimenting with the inclusion of other mediums to achieve the effects that I am seeking.
I thank the BPD team for three great years and guests for viewing and talking to me about my work.
Hope to see you all again very soon.

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