Sunday, 18 October 2020

Frosty effects

As we head through autumn, I am really enjoying looking at painting some my favourite subjects in watercolour whilst at the same time creating a wintery feel to the scene.  These blue tits are and ideal subject with the cool blues in the feathers.  The continuation of these lovely colours into the background, with a little grey, help to give that cool, frosty feel.

I am very excited about new pieces for the season ahead and can't wait to share my watercolours with you.  At the same time, I am also working hard on new tuition, which will be available on my website soon.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

The Visitor



It would appear that by posting this picture, I am working on festive pieces - too early?  :)  But this lovely little chap has been visiting our garden for months now, we actually noticed him during lockdown.  We would sit having a coffee in the garden and he would come and sit in the apple tree next to us.  My robin painting is inspired by him, but artistic license brings in a more festive backdrop!

Robins are so popular that my tuition (hopefully towards the end of November) will be to paint these lovely little birds. I am really looking forward to creating this.  

So, in the meantime as promised, Dragonfly tuition is next and hopefully I should be able to release this at the end of this month.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Seasonly love


Autumn Leaves

The prize of the flat brush following the release of my "Rose Tutorial" is on its way to the winner of the draw.  These autumn leaves are another great subject for experimenting with this lovely brush.

Next to come is the free "tips and techniques" email (mid-month) free to anyone who purchases my online tuition.

Well, another season changing and it is always fabulous to see the leaves beginning to change colour.  The weather here in Somerset is truly awful and it has been raining now for two days solid but I am already looking at the weather forecast for brighter days.  Autumn sunshine on colourful leaves is one of those times when we can all gain inspiration, whether it's to pick up your brushes or simply to enjoy walking amongst the stunning colours and swishing through the leaves in your wellies :) 

I think we are lucky to have changing seasons here, they all have their beautiful qualities.  Although some normal autumn activities this year will be different due to the pandemic, there is still much beauty around us to enjoy in these different times.

For me, I am looking forward to packing a wonderful picnic and flask and heading out with family for a long walk with camera to enjoy the stunning colours.  

Tulip Time - National Trust