Sunday 8 October 2017

Silent Killer

"Barn Owl in Flight"
Work in Progress
Watercolour on paper

A while ago I watched a television programme that filmed a selection of birds flying from one post to another and scientists measured the level of noise they make during flight.   At one end of the scale, the wood pigeon was quite funny with the loud flapping and energetic noisy wing movements.  On the other end of the scale was the barn owl whose noise was barely able to be registered.  The barn owl, in this instance, was referred to as the "Silent Killer".

Although this is not the nicest title, it is what I was thinking of when painting this  watercolour wash.  It is my most current piece on my easel at the moment and I have stopped to take stock - as it stands now, it is just a whisper and I like is sort of implying "quiet" and may just be the essence of the barn owl's flight.

I will be adding more detail - just not quite sure how much yet!

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