Sunday 6 October 2013

My latest exhibition

(Private Collection)

"To the heart of the subject"

I have visited my current exhibition at the King John Inn, quite a few times now and upon each visit I can’t fail to be totally inspired.  The pub is nestled in the idyllic village of Tollard Royal on the Wiltshire/Dorset border and it has been extensively refurbished to an impressive standard by the current owners, Gretchen and Alex Boon.  With a zest to provide an amazing atmosphere, the owners and staff deserve the great reviews that King John Inn regularly receives.
Now in the midst of the Shooting Season,  I am thoroughly enjoying the process of looking deep into the heart of the subject matter of “The Shoot” and my original watercolours are receiving attention from both members of the shooting parties and visitors to the pub.  I am updating and refreshing the paintings during the course of my exhibition there, which runs from 1st September until 1st February 2014.
For anyone who would like to receive updates regarding the exhibition, please do contact me by email.  Alternatively, if you get the chance I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the pub.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Colour Fusions

I’ve loved carrying on with my experiments with Roses.  In between painting larger pieces of differing subject matter, I keep returning to small sketches of roses, each time trying something new, introducing different colours and alternative ways of laying washes to achieve different effects.
For anyone, like me, who can feel frustrated when a watercolour experiment “goes wrong” or turns muddy, it can help to remember that in this instance, it is indeed a learning exercise.  From a small play session resulting in a disappointing watercolour, a seed may grow – even from just the smallest shape or fusion of colour.  In a way, it’s probably a really good idea to really let your hair down and try unusual colour combinations, spray water, tip the paper, watch the paint run, allow back-runs, add water to drying paint, lift colour…..the possibilities are endless.  Just enjoy the process and watch.
I still haven’t finished with my “play” with roses and my next session will be to really study the petal shapes and shadows between petals.  I am veering towards trying to use some warm and cool colours, possibly complimentary.
Let me know if you are painting Roses too, I’d love to hear how you get on….

Tulip Time - National Trust