Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Developing Performance

Developing Performance

I would like to share something I read today.....

In his 2008 book "Outliers", American writer Malcolm Gladwell examined his successful people achieved their success.  Whilst researching his book he discovered that in whatever field they became successful (e.g. music, sport, science or business) they all had one thing in common.  They all obeyed the 10,000 hours rule.  This rule states that top people have to practice/train/study for at least 10,000 hours in their chosen field to achieve success.

I love this, and by rough approximation, I know how many hours I have practiced/trained/studied - it's an interesting thought.

I have shared my F1 drivers helmet...wondering whether they train for this time! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

A Splash with Watercolour!

Original Watercolour 

51cm x 41cm

Copyright: Kaye Parmenter 2013
On display at East Lambrook Manor Gardens 1-31st May 2013

Just two weeks now to my major solo exhibition at East Lambrook Manor Gardens starting on 1st May.      
It is the most gorgeous of venues and it is hard to explain how beautiful it is there.   It is one of the best-loved privately owned gardens in England created by the late Margery Fish, celebrated plants woman and gardening writer.  The Grade 1 listed garden is renowned as the premier example of the English cottage garden style and is noted for it's specialist collections of snowdrops, hellebores and hardy geraniums.

Downstairs, approached directly from the entrance to the tearooms, is the studio where I will have at least 15 floral watercolour paintings - a favourite amongst visitors who have previously felt that the gardens have been brought inside with the watercolours on display.

Upstairs in the Malthouse will be a variety of paintings to see ranging from my trademark animals and landscapes to some more contemporary subject pieces including "Grand Prix"  There will be something for everyone!

I welcome visitors to come and see the paintings and I will be there as often as possible during the month to give watercolour demonstrations.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

As if by magic.....

Having just posted a video of one of my paintings to youtube, I was delighted to receive the lovely comment....."as if by magic".  That is how I feel when painting with watercolour.  With the confidence to allow it time to move and mix on the paper, it can work magic on its own.  Resisting the urge to fiddle is one of the most important things about watercolour and  sometimes, but moving around the paper and painting as if you are plate-spinning, you can avoid staying in one place for too long and remove the urge to play "too much" in one area!

To see the video, please click on the link below

Tulip Time - National Trust