Monday, 30 April 2012

Exhibition Preview

I have been very quiet on my blog in the run up to my exhibition, and I have missed posting and sharing online.  The preview yesterday was the most wonderful afternoon and so worth the months of preparation and build-up to the day.  The only concern that I have with private shows is that it's almost impossible to devote the time that I would like to talk individually to my guests and friends - some who I haven't seen for a year or more.  This leaves me feeling that I've missed my chance to catch up with some special people who have made the effort to come and see me.

On the postitive side, the galleries were bustling and the tea rooms lively with guests enjoying tea, coffee and cake (if they could find a seat) ;-).  The weather was dire, constant rain, but this did not put off the wonderful people who came along.......thank you so much.  I am so aware that, without the support of the people who enjoy my work, I coudn't do the job I love so much.

Thank you all!


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