Saturday 13 January 2018


baby penguin watercolour art painting Antartica

Original Watercolour
37cm x 37cm

Personally, I have always loved penguins.  Christmas and birthdays, I used to receive an array of gifts from penguin slippers to jumpers and games, fabulous!  Their family life is fascinating – the females leave the nestlings with Dad while they go in search of food and how they manage to find their family upon return, hidden amongst the thousands of other penguins, is amazing.
Imagine my delight when a friend, who recently retuned from a trip to Antartica, presented me with a memory stick full of penguin images.  Aside from the instant oohs and aaaghs of the sweet images, I wondered if I could try and capture the images on paper in watercolour.
So here we are, my first baby penguin painting, I’m sure there will be more to come.   Often I am asked how long it takes me to produce a watercolour painting.  The most important thing is the thought process and planning behind a painting, together with understanding how to achieve a result.  These “furry” effects have been achieved by years of learning the behaviour of watercolour and painting daily.    I did do one preparatory small watercolour sketch to gather my ideas, and then I just “went for it!” 🙂

Tulip Time - National Trust