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Lynton and Lynmouth - North Devon

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Summer Clematis

  "Summer Clematis" Original Watercolour on paper Well it's a hot day today, probably the warmest of the year so far and I'm sure the garden will love it as much as we do!  I have gradually added to the plants in pots in our garden this year and I've been looking for really pretty flowering plants such as sweet peas and clematis. The clematis that I have chosen is called "Sarah Elizabeth" and has beautiful pink flowers.  The painting is inspired by, but a different colour to my plant and I think I will have to paint another when the flowers appear.  Although putting the plants in pots is a little more high maintenance than planting them in the ground, I have the luxury of moving them around and placing them where they like to be in the sun/shade. I'll try and share pics when the blooms appear and hopefully I'll be inspired to paint more watercolours of this very pretty subject.

Online Tuition - harvest mouse in watercolour

  Online tuition Would you like to have a go at painting this harvest mouse in watercolour? New online tuition is available via my website showing how to bring together a few different watercolour techniques to paint this little chap.  The tuition comprises 2 online videos and lots of tips. Grab those brushes :)

Boxing Hares - Somerset Wildlife Trust Art Auction

  "Boxing Hares" Original Watercolour 55cm x 35cm Donated to Somerset Wildlife Trust art auction Somerset (including the levels) is the most beautiful county, ok so maybe I might be a bit biased :).  We are blessed with animals and birds such as herons, owls, badgers, hares to name a few and that's not including the smaller birds, bees, butterflies that we can all attract to our gardens and spaces around our homes. The Somerset Wildlife Trust has an amazing website which offers events and some fabulous information as to how we can support nature within our beautiful county. One of the jobs on my to-do list is to create a plan for the garden - so far this year we have hung a teapot for birds nesting and dotted lots of feeders around the garden.  I also have a small bee hive/hotel that will be placed amongst lots of pollinating plants that I hope to spread around in pots and containers.   The bird feeders have been hugely successful and so far the mo

Wild Primroses - watercolour, loose and simple

How to paint beautiful wild primroses loosely in watercolour Online Tuition £10 The beautiful wild primrose with their clusters of pale yellow flowers are perfect to capture in watercolour.   I tend to see them and visualise them from above, as a posy of flowers surrounded by warm green leaves. With the purchase of my online tuition you will learn via two online videos: Learn how to mix leafy greens Play with texture in the leaves Practice with small flowers and shapes Obtain the effect of light on the petals Increase the contrast Bring all the techniques together into one painting Bring a little spring to your day and have a go!  


  Painting is fun and absorbing and, if there is ever a time that we need a little distraction, it is definitely now!  Do you paint already or are you a beginner?  Whatever your skill level, I welcome you to join in with my competition with the winning prize being a year's membership to Supporting All Artists. (SAA) **Competition** Follow my online tuition and paint a fabulous robin.  Supporting all Artists will judge the paintings and the winning artist will receive the amazing prize of a year standard membership. This includes a bi-monthly newsletter, access video on demand, exclusive offers and free postage on orders. I love my membership with them and the society is for anyone with a passion for painting and drawing. To enter - purchase this robin tuition, please click here ,  and then email me your robin painting by 20th January 2021.

Property Search

I really enjoy painting small garden birds and, although we do have a small garden, I have been really delighted to see quite a large variety of species visiting. Next year, it would be amazing to attract some birds to nest and I have been doing a little research.  Their needs are basic; food, water, nesting - ideally they would like to feel welcome and comfortable, but most importantly they will probably start their new house search in the winter months, so it's worth starting to make your property desirable now :) I am really keen to hang some "upside-down" teapots along the fence, away from any passing cats and buy some bird food, create a clean water source, maybe get a bird bath and lay some nesting in the pots.   With our busy lives, personally we have tried to make our outside space to be minimal maintenance so have probably reduced the environment attractive for wildlife.  I am now trying to put some back - I have lavenders (both French and English) in pots for th