Sunday, 28 February 2021

Boxing Hares - Somerset Wildlife Trust Art Auction


"Boxing Hares"
Original Watercolour 55cm x 35cm
Donated to Somerset Wildlife Trust art auction

Somerset (including the levels) is the most beautiful county, ok so maybe I might be a bit biased :).  We are blessed with animals and birds such as herons, owls, badgers, hares to name a few and that's not including the smaller birds, bees, butterflies that we can all attract to our gardens and spaces around our homes.

The Somerset Wildlife Trust has an amazing website which offers events and some fabulous information as to how we can support nature within our beautiful county.

One of the jobs on my to-do list is to create a plan for the garden - so far this year we have hung a teapot for birds nesting and dotted lots of feeders around the garden.  I also have a small bee hive/hotel that will be placed amongst lots of pollinating plants that I hope to spread around in pots and containers.  

The bird feeders have been hugely successful and so far the most intriguing visitor to me has been the jackdaw - I have previously seen them as predators and "stealer of nest eggs" but having observed them more closely, I see them differently now.  I am fascinated to see them arrive in the garden within a pair - where you see one, their partner will be very close by.  They are clever and very, very aware of everything going on around them.

Although not the best photo, this jackdaw is patiently waiting for their partner to finish feeding from seeds on the grass.

Here is a link to Somerset Wildlife Trust's website and I'm sure there will be more details to follow soon regarding their online art auction.

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