Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hare Style!

Hare Style!
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the studio after my exhibition.  Although I have a gallery exhibition approaching and a visit to a new gallery next week, I have had a few moments spare to gather my thoughts and decide what direction I will be heading in - not only over the next few months, but next year too. 
I can't deny, it's exciting!  I have so many ideas and and next year's calendar is filling up already.  I believe that building up can only be carried on great foundations and the foundation for me has to be the quality of the artwork......I am trying to work on originality, impact and technique.
Finding time for exploration will be really important for me - something that is sometimes not easy when you are rushing to hit deadlines.  I have learnt though from a recent course that sometimes a simple change in your daily routine can be enough to free up more time.
303 Gallery preview, Thursday 21st June 6-8.00pm GOING FOR GOLD!