Monday, 10 May 2010

May Flowers

My feet haven't touched the ground for nearly two weeks .... I have met so many wonderful people at my exhibition and my senses are being enriched in so many ways. We've had sunshine today after a very cold weekend and I'm painting more and more flowers - you have to duck under the drooping branches of a cherry tree laden with blossom as you enter the grounds where the exhibition is being held. From then on, the colours and scents of the flowers in the gardens are amazing - a total inspiration - I'm sure this feeling is shared by my students in my tuition sessions which are now fully booked.

I am entranced at the moment by lilac and cherry blossom, May will forever now be a special month for me and I owe so much to everyone around me who supports me with my art; friends, family and all the people taking the time to call by and view my work.