Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Boss

The Boss

The kingfisher is irresistible as a choice of subject matter.  With its complimentary colours and fleeting nature,  the kingfisher is an artist's dream!

Within the past two years, I was introduced to the Greyhound on the Test with it in mind that I display some fly-fishing paintings.  And, with a walk along the beautiful river bank, I am never short for inspiration.

The fly fishing season is soon to start and I am making plans to hopefully see the mayfly rising this year.  The riverside, light on the water, atmosphere and gorgeous landscape work really well with watercolour and I look forward to creating more paintings and art along this theme.

My cheeky take on nature's fisherman with the painting of the Kingfisher appeared briefly at the Greyhound on the Test and I'm sure there will be many more paintings to come this year.