Friday, 24 February 2017

Rocky Road - defender

"Rocky Road"
Landrover Defender
Original watercolour
Private commission

I was recently given a photograph of a Landrover Defender to paint for a commission as a present for a birthday.  I could get the detail that I needed from the photo but, with a bit of artistic licence, I decided to "muddy it up" a bit!

Having been on a Landrover experience day and let the car drive to the higher end of it's capability (holding on to the steering wheel), it makes me smile wondering how many people drive their landrovers off-road in this way.  

So, with the watercolour painting, I could use the qualities of loose washes and muted colours to give the effect of a muddy climb on rock.  They are without doubt huge fun to drive and I can see why people become so attached.  As they are not being made anymore, I can see why people are keen to hang on to their defenders!