Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bramble's story

Bramble’s story:
As I was painting Bramble, I became intrigued to learn his story, and his owner has shared this with me:
“I knew Bramble from a puppy when he had 2 eyes. A friend of mine owned him when I was at college. Whilst with them, Bramble ran away and came back with a bite mark from something through his eye. The vet couldn’t save the eye sadly and we don’t know what was responsible for the damage. 
 My now husband started working with Bramble’s owner and the family decided they wanted another dog. The introduction didn’t go well and my husband brought Bramble home for a “couple of days” until the new puppy got settled in and Bramble calmed down.  Well….he never went back. They decided it was best for Bramble to stay with us, as he was much happier. He came with nothing, not even the knowledge of the word “sit!” He was around 3 when we got him and had been 1 eyed for about 2 years, so was none the wiser! 
 He has now been with us about 6 years. He has an entire log basket full of toys, 5 beds around the house, comes to work with either me or Gaz every day (he has severe separation anxiety so is never left alone). He comes with us absolutely everywhere from coming in the car whilst we go food shopping, to family parties and bbq’s! He attended our wedding as Guest of Honour in November. He is known as the Pub mascot in the village as he comes in with us (along with his bed) every day! We live the country life with Bramble in tow including when we go shooting and he is put alongside Labradors and Spaniels to pick up birds….he beats them all and even experienced shooters are so surprised at him! The “YOU CANT TEACH OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS….” not true! He sits, lays, spins, paw, high 5 and lots more!! 
 He is much loved by all of our friends, family and colleagues. He is rather famous in Warwickshire to be honest (perhaps he has also produced a number of good litters of puppies recently). I know most people say their dog is the best, but this chap has something extra that I have never seen before! Everyone asks how he is before asking how we are! We are inundated with dog sitters, people who want to know if they can come and say hi to him. To be honest, I think he is more human than dog!
He is certainly one in a million and is just the most loving and brilliant dog (probably as he is so used to spending time with people as he is never left) with the calmest nature, but can run and go mad for hours when needed . And we get told this but strangers too!
He is our world! “