Wednesday, 9 April 2014


“Dust Bath”  Original Watercolour 560mm x 370mm.  
Prizewinner and Honorary Mention:  Art has no Borders.
When we create a piece of artwork, there are many decisions to make and, in a way, you can liken each to a junction in a road.  Maybe we have a destination in mind, or maybe we are on a mystery tour!  The decisions that we do make, however, should enable each piece of work to be totally unique and your choices regarding medium, technique, colour and composition can make your artwork drive right to the heart of the subject matter.
With this painting, standing at the first junction, I decided to take the watercolour route which would enable me to create the soft effect of the dust bath (with a strong underlying sketch and lots of water)
Reaching a crossroads on colour, I decided to pick the red route.  Why not?
I stood for quite a while at the next junction before deciding which path to take on composition!  The shape of the trunk and tail are crucial to the composition as is the diagonal sweep of red from bottom left to top right.
And finally, my decision to enter a competition… pleased I did.  Never be afraid to make decisions!