Saturday, 1 February 2014

To the Beat

When I attended a shoot last November, there was so many working dogs that caught my attention, it was difficult to know where to point the camera first.  I stood by and watched this Weimaraner for a while as he was waiting with his master before beating.  He walked around his master’s legs, backward and forward, many times and then, in a blink of the eye, he rested his chin on the arm.  It was a gentle gesture, almost to say, “come on, when can we go” but there was no pulling at the lead and just silent communication between the pair.
One overriding memory of the day for me was how happy the dogs were.  Clearly they were all doing  something they loved and, at the end of the day, no amount of mud, cold or wet could dampen their enthusiasm.  I have so many images to paint from and many small sketches I drew on the spot, I’m not sure which to choose next to paint –   thank you Kingsdon Shoot, again, for a memorable day!