Sunday, 19 May 2013

Realising Dreams

Realising Dreams

A special person in my life has a dream to own a Landrover Defender.  Not to be obsessive, we do already own a landrover - but not the DREAM one!  Maybe the dream is not practical, but do we always have to be?

So how do we realise dreams.  I guess we need to know what they are first....and then, there should be nothing to stop you reaching for them.  

A while ago, on a "Landrover Experience Day" in Exeter (which I have to thoroughly recommend!), I was given the keys and nervously sat in the drivers seat next to the Landrover guy - he must have had more confidence in the vehicle than me!  At the top of a steep, muddy, rocky incline I was asked to remove my feet from all pedals and let the vehicle "drive itself" down the hill.  What a strange but exhilarating feeling, especially when it's not your vehicle, and it did indeed fact perform to perfection!

There are two things....the vehicle did precisely what it was built for and it did it perfectly slowly - and when I say perfectly, I mean accurately.  Maybe this is something that we can think of when trying to realise dreams.  Decide what it is that you want to do, do it carefully and not necessarily at speed, aim for perfection.  I think you will achieve your dreams.

I have received lots of lovely good news recently regarding my work and I am realising my own personal dreams - it would be lovely if one day I could help someone with theirs!