Thursday, 28 June 2012

A wonderful workshop!

Thank you to the wonderful ladies of the "Somerset Art Group"

I had the honour of spending a few hours with the company of a group of artists who are clearly very passionate about their work.  Meeting weekly to paint, they are actively arranging exhibitions and working together with their art.  I will be watching their progress with interest!

I had been contacted to ask whether I would be interested in holding a workshop for the group and although I have recently reluctantly cut back on teaching due to gallery and exhibition commitments, I was keen to meet this enthusiastic group of artists so I agreed to offer a tutorial session.
I appreciate that my style of painting is hard to teach and perhaps even harder to emulate but with a build up of exercises to explain certain aspects of the technique, I was so pleased to see everyone enthusiastically experimenting with the washes, wet-in-wet.  I truly believe that with any tuition session on any subject, if you pick up even a small bit of valuable information, the session has been worth it.  It is even more exciting to hear and see enthusiasm and smiles of enjoyment using a medium that the group clearly love! 
I wish the ladies of the Somerset Art Group every success in their future art ventures!

Here is a link to their website: