Saturday, 30 June 2012

A special gallery visit

Exmoor Ponies
Mixed Media:  Watercolour and Pastel
18" x 18"

I have a vivid memory - 14 years ago - a holiday in Exmoor when I went into an art shop in Lynton to buy some beginners watercolour paints.  My husband suggested that I looked past the cheapest variety and encouraged me to buy the best artist quality paints we could afford.  A day later, I sat by the waters edge at Porlock Weir with my new paints, a pad of paper and quite a few intrigued onlookers.  I remember being happy that, without a hint of nerves, I was able to paint with an audience!

14 years later, now as an established Somerset artist, I am thrilled to return to Porlock, this time to deliver paintings to the Churchgate Gallery.  How wonderful is that?!

Thank you to the Gallery owners, Will and Rachael for their fabulous welcome.  They have two galleries, one in Porlock and the other in Minehead, together with an established framing and printing company.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

A wonderful workshop!

Thank you to the wonderful ladies of the "Somerset Art Group"

I had the honour of spending a few hours with the company of a group of artists who are clearly very passionate about their work.  Meeting weekly to paint, they are actively arranging exhibitions and working together with their art.  I will be watching their progress with interest!

I had been contacted to ask whether I would be interested in holding a workshop for the group and although I have recently reluctantly cut back on teaching due to gallery and exhibition commitments, I was keen to meet this enthusiastic group of artists so I agreed to offer a tutorial session.
I appreciate that my style of painting is hard to teach and perhaps even harder to emulate but with a build up of exercises to explain certain aspects of the technique, I was so pleased to see everyone enthusiastically experimenting with the washes, wet-in-wet.  I truly believe that with any tuition session on any subject, if you pick up even a small bit of valuable information, the session has been worth it.  It is even more exciting to hear and see enthusiasm and smiles of enjoyment using a medium that the group clearly love! 
I wish the ladies of the Somerset Art Group every success in their future art ventures!

Here is a link to their website:

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Going for gold

Exhibition:  "Going for Gold"
303 Gallery, Yandles, Martock, Somerset.

A huge thank you again to the 303 Gallery for hosting a wonderful preview evening and for those unable to make it on the night, the exhibition runs until August 31st and is well worth a visit.  Participating artists have entered into the spirit of the theme of the show, displaying art ranging from artwork coloured gold, to sporting and olympic subjects. 

I have included a photo of the amazing artwork of David Metcalff - galvanised woven wire sculptures of a hares racing over hurdles.  This is one of two sculptures and I believe that they make the exhibition very special - they look fantastic!

Thank you again to the 303 Gallery - your efforts are always appreciated!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hare Style!

Hare Style!
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the studio after my exhibition.  Although I have a gallery exhibition approaching and a visit to a new gallery next week, I have had a few moments spare to gather my thoughts and decide what direction I will be heading in - not only over the next few months, but next year too. 
I can't deny, it's exciting!  I have so many ideas and and next year's calendar is filling up already.  I believe that building up can only be carried on great foundations and the foundation for me has to be the quality of the artwork......I am trying to work on originality, impact and technique.
Finding time for exploration will be really important for me - something that is sometimes not easy when you are rushing to hit deadlines.  I have learnt though from a recent course that sometimes a simple change in your daily routine can be enough to free up more time.
303 Gallery preview, Thursday 21st June 6-8.00pm GOING FOR GOLD!