Thursday, 2 March 2017

Little Red

"Little Red"
Original Watercolour 37cm x 37cm
Image ©Kayeparmenter2017

The first memory that springs to mind when I hear of red squirrels is when we saw them feeding close to the window of a holiday cottage in Cumbria, UK.  They are smaller than their grey relatives and incredibly beautiful.

They are present in our country in areas where the grey squirrels have not been allowed to take over, and I remember having to report to authorities when we spotted a grey squirrel in this Lake District garden.  A man arrived to take him away.

In this painting I have tried to capture the spirit of this lovely species –  the air of a fleeting moment.  They move really quickly, a very light and springy step with small stops to glance around – I’m not sure what they see but it seems that, if you don’t move, they don’t notice you.  So keep still and just enjoy the moment.

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