Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The journey of a thousand miles....

"Hope" Watercolour on Paper

Begins with a small step

“The snowdrop, for me, symbolises bravery, determination and strength.  They are one of the very first flowers to appear at the start of our year, appearing at a time when sometimes we have some of our most inclement weather. 
The more general symbolic meaning is the beginning of something new or to overcome situations that might seem hopeless.  They sometimes are connected with bringing confidence.
The snowdrops flower message is typically positive, signifying hope, rebirth and a bright future.”

So onto my reason for this post!  The reason I have highlighted this flower to paint is to raise money for a charity where I feel the above phrases and meanings may have relevance.
“Combat Stress” is a charity that I am aiming to support with a collection of paintings.  During the snowdrop flowering season of Feb and March, I hope to create and share as many snowdrop paintings as I can.  Please help me by spreading the word.  Each painting will be available for sale on a first come basis and all profit (excluding cost of mount and postage) will be donated to the charity at the end of March.
Painting (i)  is titled “Hope” watercolour on paper, size with mount 33cm x 53cm £55
To be notified when the next painting is ready to view, please email info@kayeparmenter.co.uk (and to save time, you can just put snowdrop in the email title).

UK Postage included.  For postage overseas, please contact so that delivery cost can be advised.