Monday, 30 November 2015

Happy Anniversary!

mixed media on canvas view from the Shard

In February 2016, the Shard will have been open for 3 years.  I wonder how many people have enjoyed the iconic view of London with a glass of champagne?

My contemporary piece, "Room with a View" is a work-in-progress, mixed media celebration of this amazing building and I am aiming to finish the piece by February next year.

I recently read an statement from an Artist who explained that he  continues to add detail, then overpaint and then return to adding to a painting...until he is satisfied that he has, in effect,  "got it right".

When painting with watercolour, I generally can't alter a piece of art in this way.  However "Room with a View" has been created with different mediums.  So far I have used a mixture of chalk, acrylic and oil and with the flexibility of these mediums, this painting is giving me a fabulous   opportunity to explore by adding and changing detail as I progress.

I will share the finished painting, hopefully just before February 2016, and then maybe return to the Shard to celebrate ;-)

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