Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A gesture....

watercolour painting diesel German shepherd France

Emotion makes me paint.  I have been incredibly saddened by recent events and felt moved to paint this image of “Diesel”, the German Shepherd recently killed by a bomb blast.  There was a subsequent show of solidarity from the Russian Interior Minsitry who sent a replacement puppy to France to replace Diesel.
The German Shepherd puppy is named Dobryna.  “He was named after a Russian knight, Dobrynya, a symbol of strength, kindness, valour and selfless help,” said Elena Alekseyeva, the spokeswoman for the Russian interior ministry.
My painting of Diesel will accompany me to forthcoming events and shows and thereafter I would love to gift the painting to the handler in France.  I have no idea where to send the painting so, with the powers of the internet,  maybe someone can help me?