Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Online Tuition

Golden Labrador Trailer from Kaye Parmenter on Vimeo.

Following the release of my new online watecolour tuition, I am thrilled to receive my first review:
“So good to be reminded to ‘cut loose’ with the water, reminding me what sets this medium apart from others. One thing I loved about this demo is your use of colors which lift with ease. I tried not to ‘fix’ the things which weren’t quite as planned (the too-yellow ear, the overly-strong blue shadow under the collar), hoping I could retain some freshness. This was one of those paintings that moved from love to hate and back to love. I’m glad I stuck with it. Your use of titanium white at the end to recapture a few lights was great as well; also the little tiny dark spot at the top of the tongue really added a feeling of ‘light’. Love, love, love working along with you!”
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