Monday, 25 August 2014

Making your mark

Maisy, original watercolour, private commission.
Making your mark with art

I have chosen to display Maisy with this blog post.  This is one of my favourite pet portraits from last year and I must admit I did find it hard to part with the painting.  Maisy most definitely left a mark with me and maybe, when the painting is viewed by a larger audience,  she probably will with others too!

Many people look on google images as a way to browse and subsequently view websites.  As artists, we are in a great position having images to display.  This isn't a blog post about SEO, just an enthusiastic reminder that the tools are readily available to enable our artwork seen by a large, potentially worldwide audience.

I can easily get lost in the internet, browsing the most incredible array of work from the most talented artists.  Sometimes I feel truly inspired and other times frustrated by comparing my own work - I do  strongly believe that these thought processes are healthy, and can drive a level of commitment to achieve.

So what to remember if you haven't the confidence to display.  
  • Remember that you will always have the ability to touch someone with your artwork.
  • This could be a family member or friend to a collector of your work. Both are important!
  • Sharing your work online can give you the drive to produce more work.
  • Art is subjective.  Don't think about those who don't like your work, think about those who do.
  • Remain positive and forward looking.

One quick thing to mention - before presenting your work to a larger audience, study the photo that you have of your painting before sharing.  Wait a day, and look again.  Often you can see things that need improving just by looking at the photograph.  Although I suggest always presenting your best work, don't let the fear of this stop you.

Keep making your mark!