Thursday, 17 April 2014

Golden Moment

Sometimes a photo really does capture a Golden Moment and, although this title was a slight play on words, this piece was also a golden moment in my painting world!  With an album of photographs that made it hard to choose which to select, I chose the photo which I felt would best show Sam’s character in a loose watercolour style.
Sadly Sam is no longer with his lovely owners, and I know they are feeling a huge loss and somehow this painting had to be special.   Slowly but surely the image started to appear on the paper and I began to feel hopeful that Sam’s owners would see their lovely dog in watercolour.  Somehow I feel that this won’t be the last time I paint Sam.  There is a lovely photograph of his head resting between the seats of the car and I can feel this one beckoning me to pick up my brushes!
Watercolour is such a magical medium – the loose ethereal washes can really capture a fleeting moment in time and, in this instance, there was some gorgeous back-lighting to the fur and a far away expression in the eyes.  Irresistible!
Thank you to the lovely owners for the opportunity to paint Sam and I hope their painting brings happy memories in time x