Monday, 20 January 2014

More Creative Play in Watercolour

I strongly believe that you will produce your best work if you allow yourself to have a short session of “warming-up” before a more serious painting session.  As any sportsperson would gently stretch and warm-up muscles, we can do the same artistically with a 15 minute session of fun stress-free painting.  For me, there are a few simple rules.  I am not aiming to produce a great piece and I tend to use “old” paper which removes any feeling of tension to produce.  I usually set myself a time limit of approximately 20 minutes but, as this doesn’t allow drying time, it is highly likely I will return to it at the end of the day to “warm-down!”   The play session usually has an aim, I tend to have a challenge in mind.  This may be a new technique, a new pigment, a different brush, using only one colour….the list is endless.
Here are my eggs, taken from the fridge with an idea in mind.  I would like to “eggs”plain, but I need to play further first!  I have lots up my sleeve and today I made huge progress on producing the online tuition that I know many are waiting for…..not too long now hopefully!!  Thank you all for being so patient!