Saturday, 22 September 2012

Routine chaos!

During the Summer Holidays, in relaxed mode, I read a couple of books "focus on your aims" and "the on-purpose person" and I started afresh in September full of new ideas on exactly now I can achieve the many objectives I constantly set myself.  After a couple of days, I was laughing, as many of the ideas were impossible to achieve in amongst the chaos of everyday family life.

But, and it's a big BUT, I am trying to stick to a firm weekly routine and it seems to be helping.  We can all spend quite a long time on social networking, watching the television or running around doing everyday tasks but with a little careful planning it is, I think, possible to re-organise and prioritise your time.

I have already made time to develop an online tuition course which I'm finding really exciting and very soon I'll be looking for people to join in with a free trial.  I'll post more details on this soon.

Thanks for looking!