Sunday, 9 September 2012

Demonstration Day - Yandles

Demonstration Day - Yandles

I smiled yesterday, remembering times when I've sat in the marquee at Yandles, demonstrating watercolours with a river of water running under the chair and table - our weather is so hit and miss!  Yesterday was gorgeous,  a sunny day, warm marquee and a steady stream of visitors wandering through watching the demonstrators at work with their crafts.

I covered subjects from Exmoor Ponies, to Badgers, Sunflowers and Lyme Regis!!   I was touched by the number of people who said that they were going home to pick up their brushes after watching me paint - they said I made it look easy.  Funnily enough, although not nervous anymore about painting in front of people,  I am still apprehensive that my demonstration may not produce a good painting.

Having thought about this many times before, I can probably say that I have this worry every time I face a blank piece of paper.  This, though, is the beauty of watercolour - I don't aim to control it and there are days where frustration can set in, and other days where magic can happen in front of your eyes.

There were a few moments of magic yesterday, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to share these with the visitors at Yandles and hopefully inspire others to pick up their brushes.