Thursday, 26 July 2012

Three Torchbearers 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay 2012

I have saved this blog entry to share as close as possible to the day that the torch reaches its destination!

We were very lucky to have the torch come through Somerton and on a beautiful morning with the town decorated with flags and bunting, we lined the streets waiting in excitement for the torch to be carried through the town.

I decided to paint a watercolour painting to give to our local junior school - this event is now a part of our town's history and this was also my way of thanking the school for adding to the atmosphere in the town square with the Morris Dancers and Samba Band.  Indeed, over the past couple of years, Monteclefe Junior school has organised some amazing celebrations for the town for both the Royal Wedding and Queen's Jubilee.

 It came to me that the painting would be even more special if each of our three wonderful torchbearers would sign the painting and the first destination was Wiltshire for Kelly Farley-Thompson.

Kelly's nomination story
She has been providing support to the British Armed Forces for many years, both as a Soldier herself and working as part of the General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited team delivering communications capability, and fund raising for both Help For Heroes and Combat.

 I then drove the painting to Bridgwater next for Jason Hedaux, (whom the painting was loosely based on) to sign the painting.  Jason very kindly and patiently spent time with the children of Monteclefe Junior school letting them hold the torch and have their photograph taken.

Jason's nomination story
Jason has worked relentlessly to provide interschool and community links to clubs and events for our pupils. We are a small rural school and without his committment to sport many of our children would have missed out on the opportunity to compete on a friendly or competitive level.

And last, but not least, we had a meeting for the last signature in
Langport Car Park!!!  Thanks Darrell Vickery.  I am very grateful for his patience with my many texts trying to arrange a convenient time and place.....thank you!

Darrell's nomination story

Darrell voluntarily donates hours throughout the year to encourage and train girls to play hockey and cricket at Taunton Vale Sports' Club.

Thank you to the three wonderful torchbearers who carried the torch though our town and I'm hoping that the children of Somerton, both present and future will enjoy the painting.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Thank you my followers!

I was delighted to see that I am close to 100 followers on my blog, so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit and leave comments.  I have added my painting of this boxer dog, simply because it makes me smile, and I've changed the header to a painting that is very special to me, inspired by the program "The Elephant Diaries" about orphaned baby elephants.  My art journey feels to me like a story unfolding and there are so many opportunities around the corner - if I was to say today how I feel, I'd say "keep an open mind, have an extra smile in reserve and a remember there's always a reason to give!" 

I do believe that the internet has opened up the world to us all in so many ways and we can connect in a way that I certainly wouldn't have dreamt would be possible.

Thanks for following me!!


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Painting Loose Watercolours

Painting loose watercolours

I loved painting was loose and the watercolours mingled and merged on the paper as I saw the image appearing as I had hoped it would.  I am beginning to understand my feelings when painting - never completely satisfied unless I'm allowing the watercolours to work together on the paper rather than being too controlled.  

I suppose this is my personal definition of looseness in watercolour - it's not an easy way to paint as it's quite bold in the application of water and pigment.

Thank you Dawn, ablanksheetofpaper for your blog entry on loose watercolours - it made me think!  So many people express a desire to loosen up with their watercolours and this means something different to each artist.  As your style evolves, each little experiment and attempt to reach a goal, takes you one step nearer!