Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Your Art Image

A few months ago, I discovered “Your Art Image”, providing tools to help develop your art business.

With a hectic life and an art business that has grown in strength over the years, I have actively set and reached goals and targets, I think I’m doing ok.

But am I? Kathryn has made me question this. After subscribing to the website mailing list, I receive a free weekly email each with an “Artists Action Point”, fantastic valuable information, suggestions and tips – I look forward to receiving it, and I’m usually still awake when it arrives late on a Sunday night!

It has been a great reminder to me that we should never stop learning. As well as enjoying the success that you achieve, I believe you should also be totally receptive to new suggestions from outside sources. Kathryn obviously loves what she does and this comes across strongly in her messages – she does hold various courses and seminars and, although I have not participated in any of these, I would imagine that they are very good.

Thanks Kathryn and keep up the good work!