Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hitting deadlines

Painting under pressure

Isn't it strange how sometimes when we are under pressure we can produce our best paintings. Other times when there is a deadline to meet, it can have the adverse effect and we can seem to somehow lose the plot! I wish I knew why.

I had a bad painting day the other day. The next day, I decided to change my routine. I started slightly later, took a cup of coffee to my "painting pasting table" and sat with small pieces of paper and just doodled with a brush. I told myself it didn't matter and, as I normally love my painting days, I should just relax and not think of workloads and pressure ........ it worked and how different to the day before!

My painting always feels like it is slightly "on the edge" as it's so wet-in-wet and bordering out of control. So maybe that's why I'm feeling as if I'm balancing on a tightrope, not always a great place to be, but at the same time exhilerating and addictive!