Saturday, 7 November 2015

War Horse

The New London Theatre, Covent Garden, oozes atmosphere.  The auditorium has a bleak and almost trench-like feel with an impression of smoke hanging in the air.  I wondered if the building was tired and in need of some redecoration but now I believe that the effect is deliberate.  And how clever it is on so many levels.

From the very opening scene, you are hooked with the appearance of the most truly amazing "horse" made by the Handspring Puppet Company.  Having now seen this for real, I can't recommend enough that you go and see the show, if you haven't already.  It is not long before you forget thinking of the horses as puppets and you are transformed to a world and era that engages you in a way that leaves you emotionally drained!  The standing ovations at the end for me were a fitting tribute to the amazing talent on stage.

I was inspired!   I have since produced my own tribute to War Horse in the form of a painting.  I have deliberately drawn and created the piece in a slightly ethereal manner and tried to emulate a slightly unkempt appearance - it is how I saw the horses.  As ever with many of my artworks, the eyes are generally the focal point as this is where I see the emotion.

"Lest we forget"  Remembrance Sunday 8th November 2015.