Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bee Ready

"Bee Ready!"

To coincide with my latest online tuition video and my tutorial in the SAA paint magazine, I have been painting lots of bees and if you would like to see more, please do visit my website over the next few days.  

I use lots of techniques when painting the bees.  The online video demonstrates a soft wet-in-wet method and splattered masking fluid for pollen.  The above picture is a quick sketch painted using a wet-on-dry style and complimentary colours.  There are so many ways!  

The resource images that I work from are taken on my walks along the country lanes.  Having said this,  I think that the majority of the photos that I work from have been gathered from photos taken before I reach the country lanes.  The bees that I have found to paint have been busy gathering pollen from flowers in the beautiful gardens of my neighbours!  So you may not have to travel too far from home to find inspiration!

I hope you join me in painting this magical little creature that is so very important to us all.