Friday, 3 January 2014

Spring Magnolia

Original (Reserved)

Spring Magnolia
Watercolour 370mm x 370mm

Living alongside the Somerset Levels, we are no strangers to water here but this latest run of windy and wet weather has encouraged me to turn my brushes to spring flowers in preparation for a small exhibition in January.  It is amazing how, simply by picking up some warmer colours, it can change your mood and help you to look towards warmer and hopefully drier months ahead.  I am very lucky that a neighbour’s garden at the entrance to our road houses the most gorgeous magnolia and each year the blooms are simply stunning.  Another neighbour has hollyhocks and another has some beautiful red tulips and small blue flowers (which I think may be grape hyacinth).
I can’t think of any spring flower that doesn’t lift the spirits and they do provide such a wonderful subjects for painting in the early part of the year where we are so very close to “turning the corner”!
All my new spring flower paintings will be displayed in beautiful white wooden frames and will hopefully  brighten a chilly spring morning.