Saturday, 30 June 2012

A special gallery visit

Exmoor Ponies
Mixed Media:  Watercolour and Pastel
18" x 18"

I have a vivid memory - 14 years ago - a holiday in Exmoor when I went into an art shop in Lynton to buy some beginners watercolour paints.  My husband suggested that I looked past the cheapest variety and encouraged me to buy the best artist quality paints we could afford.  A day later, I sat by the waters edge at Porlock Weir with my new paints, a pad of paper and quite a few intrigued onlookers.  I remember being happy that, without a hint of nerves, I was able to paint with an audience!

14 years later, now as an established Somerset artist, I am thrilled to return to Porlock, this time to deliver paintings to the Churchgate Gallery.  How wonderful is that?!

Thank you to the Gallery owners, Will and Rachael for their fabulous welcome.  They have two galleries, one in Porlock and the other in Minehead, together with an established framing and printing company.