Sunday, 27 May 2012

The end or beginning?

The end or beginning?

My exhibition at East Lambrook Manor Gardens draws to an end this thursday.  My favourite comment about the exhibition arrived by email, it made me smile:

 "I made it to your Exhibition earlier in the month.  I had two choices that day  -  catch a glimpse of the Queen in Yeovil or view your show.  Happy with my decision!  I spent a rewarding hour surrounded by your paintings."

Other people have said that they find the paintings absorbing and compelling.  I thank everyone who has come to see the exhibition, lots of special people who have made the month a totally amazing one for me.

The title for this post is "the end or beginning".  Anyone who knows me will understand this. I never see the closing of an event as the end - to me it's another beginning!   I've so many ideas and inspiration that I can't wait to paint again...........