Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I, like so many others today, loved watching the Royal Wedding. What a spectacle - a delight to watch and there seemed to be just the right balance, everything was perfect. With an artist's eye, I couldn't help but be inspired by so much, the colour, movement, drama.....

No sooner had the balcony appearance finished, I was heading towards my watercolour brushes to put on paper some of the images I had in my head.

I wish the prince and his new wife the happiest of futures, they must both be delighted! A wonderful day to remember.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Your Art Image

A few months ago, I discovered “Your Art Image”, providing tools to help develop your art business.

With a hectic life and an art business that has grown in strength over the years, I have actively set and reached goals and targets, I think I’m doing ok.

But am I? Kathryn has made me question this. After subscribing to the website mailing list, I receive a free weekly email each with an “Artists Action Point”, fantastic valuable information, suggestions and tips – I look forward to receiving it, and I’m usually still awake when it arrives late on a Sunday night!

It has been a great reminder to me that we should never stop learning. As well as enjoying the success that you achieve, I believe you should also be totally receptive to new suggestions from outside sources. Kathryn obviously loves what she does and this comes across strongly in her messages – she does hold various courses and seminars and, although I have not participated in any of these, I would imagine that they are very good.

Thanks Kathryn and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Lucy (left) and me (right)!

Book reading - Great Ormond Street Hospital

Today I was invited to the Oncology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital to give a book reading for my book “Kiss it Better”, it has been something that I have wanted to do, but I did not expect it to be able to happen due to the children being so poorly and vulnerable to infection.

Armed with teddies, conkers, paints, brushes, and books to give away, I set off for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Arriving early, I was able to sit in Russell Square in the sunshine, enjoying watching the children play in the fountains, contemplating the afternoon’s reading.

Catherine from the Community Fundraising Team kindly escorted me to the hospital for which I was very grateful as it is absolutely huge! The feeling is quite overwhelming as you walk in the building, it doesn’t have the normal “hospital” feel and smell – it is bustling with people and full of colour. Catherine explained the history of the building and a new section to the hospital is currently being built – it is very modern, quite a contrast to the older parts of the hospital.

We went up to the Lion and Elephant wards and met Lucy, who was arranging the book reading for me in the ward playroom. It soon became very apparent that despite Lucy’s attempts to spread the word, many of the children were simply too poorly to come along. We did manage the reading though, and some children also did some watercolour painting afterwards. I was enthralled watching them absorbed whilst painting, it was a magical moment. One mum said that she would treat her daughter to some watercolour paints.

I knew I would find it hard afterwards – on the train journey back I have struggled to think of anything but the children and a baby I met today, it doesn’t seem fair – if only we had a magic wand.

The "Kiss it Better" book is available online at Waterstones, however if you order it directly from Kaye, she can donate more to the charity. From each book, up to £4 will be donated to the Kiss it Better Appeal, for research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancer, one of the biggest diseases affecting children today.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Daunted or Challenged!

“Love-in- a- mist”

I have always loved this flower and always been daunted with the prospect of capturing its feathery, light and soft appearance. Whenever faced with a subject that I find daunting, my feelings soon change to that of wishing to “rise to the challenge”, call it determined or even stubborn!

I believe that we all should be able to paint anything that inspires us, be it a flower, animal, landscape, figure or portrait and, through a process of experimentation and testing the boundaries of the medium, we should be able to draw from previous experience, paint freely and be lead by the heart.

After I’ve picked up my brush, I could be anywhere – I am totally immersed, absorbed and feel like I’m in a different world. I can’t say it’s always a relaxing place to be, but it’s exciting and addictive! I’m hoping to capture this feeling in my next workshop with a slight twist on my normal format!