Saturday, 27 November 2010

Starlings Roosting

At this time of year in Somerset, we see starlings flying overhead in large groups, heading towards the levels to roost. It is quite a sight, both my children comment and say, "look, there's a formation of birds!"

I am hoping that we can get closer this year and take some photos. There are some reserves close to Glastonbury with hides and river walks and if we arrive at the right time, I 'd love to see the birds swoop down to land.
At the moment I'm wondering if it's just too cold!...........

Thursday, 11 November 2010

White lilies and Gypsophila
I've always been drawn to bunches of flowers with gypsophila. I loved the challenge of trying to reproduce this effect in watercolour and I've turned to salt to provide the speckles of the tiny petals. This painting was definitely one to sit and watch dry. It was possible to continue to add more intense pigment as the paint was drying and also continue to add tiny salt crystals where needed. Then sit back and watch it work its magic.
I've put the dates for my watercolour workshops on my website for 2011 and spaces are filling up fast. I'm looking forward to sharing some techniques with people who love watercolour too!