Friday, 30 April 2010

Exhibition - East Lambrook Manor Gardens

That's it!! Paintings hung, wine collected, cheese and biscuits purchased - we're ready for a preview!!!

I've been flying this week, but to see everything ready and up on the walls is fantastic. Yet again, I feel I have to thank family and friends for being so patient with me, whilst I've been frantically busy on this latest collection.
I have had a tremendous response from the few people that have already seen the new paintings, and that has given me confidence at such a nervous time - I'm really grateful for the positive comments.

For those not able to come to the preview, the paintings are all available to view on my website and, for this exhibition I have decided to offer a limited number of prints as well as the original paintings. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

You've got the power!

Just a couple of months ago, a gallery helped me to organise my first preview and I'm so grateful to them. And, now just after a short break, I'm heading towards another. I have a feeling a bit like the swans - taking off in a big flap!!

I will still be painting flowers as I am running courses in the Malthouse for the duration of the exhibition but soon after, I'll hopefully have more to share on varying subjects. Artwise, there's been a few highs and lows this week....quite the rollercoaster of a journey but I firmly believe it's good to feel both.

As I have said goodbye to my otter painting, I shall soon replace this image with another.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I've been quite overwhelmed today with the number of lovely comments about my paintings and the warm wishes for success of my exhibition.

I know that we should all really enjoy the subjects that we paint and hopefully like our own paintings, but there is nothing quite like the feeling when someone else likes your work!!

I have lived with my flower paintings for a while now and become used to their appearance unframed - but today I've seen them finished and I can't wait to show them to my guests at the preview!

Thank you again to friends, family and all the lovely people who take the time to comment on my work.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spring is here!!

The apple blossom is just beginning to appear on the apple tree in our garden - encouraged by the sunshine that we have had over the last week. It's a wonderful sign that spring is here!

I'm frantically preparing for my exhibition next week at East Lambrook Manor Gardens near South Petherton, Somerset. I always find this stage really exciting - the paintings are framed and ready, lots of invitations to the preview have been posted and I have many plans for the opening afternoon. I hope to provide some watercolour demonstrations, it's such an inspiring place!

Anyone who may wish to come along to the preview, please contact me

Monday, 12 April 2010

In the heart of Somerset

The Smokery, Somerset 2010.

I have successfully exhibited paintings here for the last 3 years and it is a gem of a place. Located in the Heart of Somerset, it is the most wonderful place to visit and sample some wonderful food. And here is the view.......

Burrow Hill

My exhibition was supposed to have finished on the 31st March but the Smokery have requested that I continue the exhibition throughout April. So if anyone's in the area and fancies trying some eel.........!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I was recently asked to donate a painting for a charity auction in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital, and in memory of a little girl called Poppy. I was keen to find out whether my painting (similar to the one shown here) was successful at the auction but I wasn't prepared for the news that I received.....

As the bidding increased on the painting, which included bids from Poppy's mum and dad, the final moments saw the watercolour go to someone else. It was when I heard that the successful bidder then gave the painting to Poppy's mum and dad as a gift, that I realised that I have the best job in the world. The painting did raise a good sum for the charity and the total event raised over £12,000 for Great Ormond Street.

What can I say.

Friday, 2 April 2010

The First Dance

Memories, special moments, things we've all seen at one time or another, things that move us and, in my case, inspire me to paint. How do we go from an idea in our head to putting this down on paper?

In this painting, my focal point is the children dancing. Here I have maximum focus, maximum contrast and the subject is placed off centre on the paper. I was looking for impact at the focal point and the suggestion of dancing in the background.

I think I'll return again to this subject and try to paint it in a completely different way, new composition, new colours, different technique and see what I can learn.